Dead Ringer

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Genre: Dark Comedy

Logline: An anxious Mobster who wants to be noticed by the Boss, discovers is fresh Soldier bagged and now must save face or return empty handed.

Actors: Time Winters & Justin Avila

Producers: Nathaniel Upshaw & Seth Wimmer

Director: Nathaniel Upshaw

Writer: Seth Wimmer

Property Master: Kelby Knapp

Set Photographer: Keane Eacobellis

Graphic Designers: April Dumalanta and Fahad Khan

Location Manager: Travis Greene

Location Owner: Rich Greene


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Podcast Interviews / Ratings & Reviews:

Extra Features Podcast - 4/5

Lesser Lights Podcast - 7/10

The Independent Critic - 4/5

Shorted Films - 7/10

UK Film Review - 4/5

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